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Hi, I'm Fiona Argyle.

I will support you.

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My name is Fiona Argyle and I am the independent candidate for Mayor of Nedlands 2023.

I am born, bred and educated in the electorate, and Nedlands is still home for my husband and I, and our four beautiful children.


I am a former journalist and international Ambassador for Qantas and CBA Private Bank Asia (through my art and community interests). I now run a small philanthropic private enterprise which sells sustainable sun care products, regenerates forests and gives back to the community. (A great, fun business for all the kids, and it works!) 

My family has always cared about the electorate and to a degree, I am following family footsteps in my pursuit of a parliamentary career. 

My Great Grandfather, Sir Stanley Argyle, was the co-founder of the United Australia Party (the precursor to the current Liberal Party). Sir Robert Menzies was his deputy. My father, Ian, was a well-known Nedlands councillor.


Local Government is an integral part of Australian society. It is one of the key elements of our democracy, being federal, state and local. 

Local Government gives the COMMUNITY a VOICE. A Mayor, or Ambassador for the community is a role, which will see you represented by me. (If I am lucky enough to be elected!) A Mayor, is your voice, your listening ear, your community watch dog. 

I am very much aware there is an issue at Nedlands Council, people are resigning, and there is a toxic culture. But I would like you to know, I only see possibility, not problems. 

I see an opportunity for progress, focusing on what we can change, and how we can all make a real difference to our community. This electorate is the best in the world, there is more talent, and greater beauty in this area than anywhere else. So let’s make it shine… 

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I am standing on a multi-pronged ticket which prioritises and commits to:


  1. Smart Fiscal Management.

  2. Strong Community Representation.

  3. Planning: Strict adherence to height and set back rules.

  4. A Sustainable City.

  5. Local Business Activation.

  6. Arts and culture - 100% support.  

  7. Sport.


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Fiona Argyle


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© 2021 by Fiona Argyle


Once again, I come to you cap in hand…

I can only win, if you vote for me. Please give me a number one, yes, VOTE ONE ARGYLE  Mayoral Election 2023.


Nedlands has always been my home.  


I was born in Subiaco and went to school locally just as my children do. 

I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (Politics and History) from the University of Western Australia, before travelling the world, and discovering a love for people’s stories. 

This led me into a career in journalism, working first as a journalist with the Daily Mail in London before being awarded a two-year cadetship at Channel Nine in Sydney - the first in 20 years. 

From there, I became a regional journalist at Prime TV in Wollongong, then Canberra, before working for two-years at the ABC in Perth.

The ABC led me into independent production where I was lucky enough to meet, then marry, Angus, a great man and the love of my life. We are blessed with four children and a bear of a fat dog, called Peter. Apologies in advance- Bear Dog does occasionally come to work with me.

As a family we have lived a private life, some of it in Singapore, a city/country which has been a personal force for good.   

It has inspired my strong work ethic and my quest to support the community at grass-roots level.

It has also allowed me to engage and operate internationally, as a senior art curator at the Australian High Commission, in Singapore, and in China.

Along the way, I have founded a fashion, arts and philanthropy brand called Global Babe which lives to this day and allows me to run a successful business from home. 

Like me, Global Babe, is based on solid values and principles. 

It was established to generate a sustainable income that helps to create a better world. 

We have supported charities, specialising in material sun protection, and we have been successful in  becoming the first product in history to be validated by the British Skin Foundation. 

We have also planted trees, thousands, more than 4,000 alone in West Australia’s Whiteman Park Children’s Forrest.

The company has also deployed an Aboriginal Art and Education program which has been and taught to thousands of children across Singaporean primary schools.

Back in West Australia, I have been working as a successful leader as the mayor, of the City of Nedlands since 2021.  

I look forward to meeting you and hearing your story.

All the very best 


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